To everyone who made the album hit the heights it did.  Much appreciated. 

If you didn't see my on Maron, I was on Maron.  Episode called "Sexfest." 

I'm about to do my last gig with Drew Carey.  Looks like I'll have a writing job this fall and winter, so I'll just be doing spots in town.  I plan to also work on my one man show for Melbourne.  That's still in the works but the folks at Melbourne seem to have stopped returning my manager's calls, which means I may go to option 2.  That's more of a wild card, as far as me getting there and being able to perform.  But, we'll see. More about that at the end of the month, which we are rapidly approaching.



This was my best week in show business.  Ever. 

My album did better than expected.  #1 in Australia and #7 in the US on iTunes.  That led to a pending visit from the Melbourne Comedy Festival peeps to look at me in July.  It's not often I set a goal and see it happen. 

A couple of interesting media things also popped up.  Don't want to talk about them yet but they should both up my profile a bit if they happen.

Next, I had a very small part of Stephen Merchant's new show on HBO.  Couple of quick scenes, but who cares because I was on a Stephen Merchant show.  He's only the co-creator of my favorite show of all time. 

Last, my episode of Maron aired.  Didn't quite realize during shooting how much I would be on camera.  Overall, that's my favorite show I've ever appeared on.   

So, good times.   

Album Info

So, a lot of people have been asking.  Here's the deal.  It's unnecessarily complicated.  All Things Comedy is releasing the album on iTunes but nowhere else.  It should help with sales but it has made the self distribution situation kind of fucked up.  Basically, I had to set it up to be released at a certain date (June 8th) on Mondo Tunes.  That I did on May 3rd. After that, it has been a mess.

I was supposed to get a tracking code for my album within a week from Mondo Tunes.  That code is what All Things Comedy and iTunes are waiting for.   Mondo Tunes has still not produced the tracking code, which fucks up a wide release at once because I cannot send info to iTunes.

But, I will do a soft release on Bandcamp on June 8th. Meaning, I'll announce it here and on the podcast but nowhere else.  I can't make a big announcement and have people push an album that's not up on iTunes yet.