Album Info

So, a lot of people have been asking.  Here's the deal.  It's unnecessarily complicated.  All Things Comedy is releasing the album on iTunes but nowhere else.  It should help with sales but it has made the self distribution situation kind of fucked up.  Basically, I had to set it up to be released at a certain date (June 8th) on Mondo Tunes.  That I did on May 3rd. After that, it has been a mess.

I was supposed to get a tracking code for my album within a week from Mondo Tunes.  That code is what All Things Comedy and iTunes are waiting for.   Mondo Tunes has still not produced the tracking code, which fucks up a wide release at once because I cannot send info to iTunes.

But, I will do a soft release on Bandcamp on June 8th. Meaning, I'll announce it here and on the podcast but nowhere else.  I can't make a big announcement and have people push an album that's not up on iTunes yet.