This was my best week in show business.  Ever. 

My album did better than expected.  #1 in Australia and #7 in the US on iTunes.  That led to a pending visit from the Melbourne Comedy Festival peeps to look at me in July.  It's not often I set a goal and see it happen. 

A couple of interesting media things also popped up.  Don't want to talk about them yet but they should both up my profile a bit if they happen.

Next, I had a very small part of Stephen Merchant's new show on HBO.  Couple of quick scenes, but who cares because I was on a Stephen Merchant show.  He's only the co-creator of my favorite show of all time. 

Last, my episode of Maron aired.  Didn't quite realize during shooting how much I would be on camera.  Overall, that's my favorite show I've ever appeared on.   

So, good times.