Named one of the Comedy Acts to Watch in 2015 by LA Weekly

Show dates

February 7th - Melrose Improv. 8 pm

February 9th - Live TOFOP event at Meltdown in Los Angeles.  8 pm

February 16th - Wil Anderson and I run our one man shows at the Steve Allen Theater. 8 pm

February 12th - Set List, Bar Lubitsch, Hollywood. 8:30 pm

February 25th - Meltdown with Kumail and Jonah Ray in Los Angeles. 8:30 pm

March 5th -Big Money Comedy, The Virgil, Los Angeles. 8 pm

March 8th - Melrose Improv. 8 pm

March 9th - USB Sunset, I run my one man show, Hot Head 7 pm

March 9th - The Lash - downtown Los Angeles - 8 pm

March 11-14 - San Francisco Punchline with Eddie Pepitone

March 19th - Comedy Palace, Los Angeles 10 pm

March 22 - Power Violence, 6470 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, 9 pm

March 23rd - Hot Tub, The Virgil, Los Angeles 8 pm

March 31-April 19 - Melbourne International Comedy Festival - 7:15 pm

April 20 - Hot Head and The Dollop at the Sydney Comedy Store, 7 pm and 9 pm.

April 27th - The Business, Little Joy in Echo Park. 9:30 pm