I'm an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and podcaster. I've lived and worked in San Francisco, New York City, and currently reside near Los Angeles with my wife, Heather, and our son, Finn.

I have a podcast called The Dollop, which I co-host with comedian Gareth Reynolds.  I have a second podcast called Walking The Room, which is now deceased but lives on the internet forever in 200 episodes .

I'm a regular actor and writer on Maron on IFC.  I've also acted in many commercials and other television shows, including Arrested Development, The Office, and Men of a Certain Age

I've performed stand up comedy on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, The Late Late Show, Comedy Central and a few other things that don't need to be mentioned because this is getting long. 

Currently I'm writing and will be seen on the third season of Maron

Oh, and buy my album Shame Chamber.  It's on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Google Play





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Agent - APA - Kyle Loftus -  

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